185011 – B&G SBA


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185011 – B&G SBA

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Bell & Gossett Bearing Assembly For B&G Series 1510
Bronze fitted Pumps With Small Bearing frames, including all Pumping parts (Bearings, Shaft, Shaft Sleeve, etc.) pre-assembled into a new Pump Housing.
The Bearing Assembly also Includes a tube of B&G Pump lubrication oil. Volute Cover Gasket and Seal kit sold separately.

Note: This product has been discontinued by the manufacturer (Aug/05/2011)

Brand: Bell & Gossett
MPN: 185011LF
Model: PWBFZ-526
Pump Part Type: Bearing Assembly
Shaft Size: 1-1/4″
Casting Number: P77104, P2001124
UPC: 683328230559
Pump Series: Series 1510, Series e-1510
B&G Model Repaired: 1-1/2AB, 1-1/2AC, 1-1/2BB, 1-1/2BC, 1-1/4AB, 1-1/4AC, 1-1/4BB, 1-1/4BC, 1.25AD, 1.25BC, 1.5AD, 1.5BC, 2-1/2A, 2-1/2AB, 2-1/2B, 2-1/2BB, 2.5AC, 2.5BB, 2AB, 2AC, 2AD, 2BB, 2BC, 2BD, 2E, 2EB, 3AB, 3AC, 3AD, 3BB, 3BC, 3BD, 3E, 3EB, 4AB, 4AC, 4AD, 4BB, 4BC, 4BD, 4E, 4EB, 5A, 5BB, 5BC, 5BD

Replaces: 186660, 186660LF, 185011
Alias: P77103, P2001125
Weight: 23.76 Lbs


Bell & Gossett


Bearing Assembly, 1510 & 1510e

Frame Material:

Rolled Steel & Cast Iron

Shaft Diameter:



24 Lbs

Mounting Arrangement:

C/D Face




(115) Pumps & Circulators


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